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We offer organizations customized learning journeys in digital skills and cybersecurity, sustainability, and modern workplace know-how.

Combine online self-study with in-person learning groups to maximize your employee training engagement.

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A real alternative to traditional corporate training

Most workplace learning programs suffer from low employee engagement, poor tracking of impact, and an overall lack of practical application. The sunk costs of these initiatives can often be enormous.

At MinnaLearn, we want to change that. We recognize that the majority of standard corporate education is quite simply ill-fitting for the future of work. Not only are the materials outdated, but so are the methods.

The return to the office calls for an entirely new form of learning: a hybrid model, where self-study online is combined with in-person cohort-based learning. At MinnaLearn, we deliver world-leading courses on the future of work in new and innovative ways, designed to keep your employees engaged and to drive real, measurable results.

How it works

Boost engagement

With bite-sized online modules, your employees learn in easily digestible spurts whenever, wherever. Learnings are solidified and made actionable in small study group sessions.

Build the workplace of the future

MinnaLearn courses focus on the soft and hard skills needed to adapt to new ways of working. Develop your employees’ skillset and create new workplace benefits. MinnaLearn programs improve retention as well as your bottom line.

Get results

Our embedded e-learning keeps your overhead costs low while our regularly scheduled classroom trainings ensure your employees stay on track. Real-time analytics offer full access to metrics like completion rates, showcasing value added.

Our impact

  • The idea has a simple, Nordic ring to it: Start by teaching 1 percent of the country's population, or about 55,000 people, the basic concepts at the root of artificial technology, and gradually build on the number over the next few years.

    Politico, Finlands grand AI experiment

  • I am very impressed by the focus on AI in Finland and the training 1% of Finland's population in AI – I wish it's a template which other countries can use.

    Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google

  • Finland for instance has shown the path – training – the population to get basic knowledge on how AI works and can be used. Appropriation by the greatest number is a key priority. I suggest that the EU-commission set up the same goal whole european population.

    Emmanuel Macron, President of France

  • I encourage everyone to take this #elementsofAI course.

    Sauli Niinistö, President of Finland

Examples of our offering

Essence of Agile

Teach your employees the possibilities of an agile mindset, and take the first steps towards its implementation in your organization.

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Digital Revolution

Understand the fundamentals and evolution of computing hardware, software, networks, data, and cloud computing, with examples from everyday life and work.

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A groundbreaking initiative that teaches cyber security basics to companies and individuals.

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