How to give and receive feedback - Online course for teams

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About the course

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to give feedback, and it went poorly?

Perhaps you felt uneasy and avoided the conversation entirely? Or you may have found yourself stung by feedback, wondering whether the pain came from the way it was delivered or from your reception of it.

Enroll with your team to level up your feedback skills

About the course

Whether giving or receiving, feedback is a fundamental aspect of our professional lives, shaping not just individual growth but the collective success of our teams. By learning how to navigate feedback with grace and empathy, we can transform these challenging experiences into opportunities for personal development and enhanced collaboration.

Understanding the difference between constructive criticism and harmful feedback allows us to protect ourselves while embracing the insights that help us and others excel. In the workplace, fostering a culture of open and respectful feedback can lead to innovation, trust, and a more harmonious environment where everyone has the power and control to turn feedback into a path for growth.

Take the course together with your team. You’ll explore the nuanced dynamics of giving and receiving feedback, enhancing your understanding and skills in this essential aspect of professional communication.

What do you learn?

After the course, you will be able to…

✔️ Ask for feedback that’s actually valuable for you

✔️ Handle criticism and turn it into growth

✔️ Give feedback in an effective way

✔️ Build a feedback culture that strengthens your team



You work in an environment where feedback matters. You can dedicate ~8 hours to study and exercises and participate in three 2.5-hour online meetings for discussion and collaboration. We use Google Meet, Google Docs, and Miro for collaboration – you are comfortable working with these tools.

How to give and receive feedback

Online cohort course with 6 chapters of self-study material. 3 online meetings for discussion and practice. Led by a certified MinnaLearn facilitator. 

€799/ participant
For 6–10 participants, excluding VAT.
Who is it for?

Managers and supervisors, project managers, HR professionals, sales and marketing professionals, consultants, software developers, or others working in the knowledge sector where collaboration with others is key.

Our method: Learning Groups

Study our expert-created online content together with your team and meet to share insights, complete challenges, and keep each other accountable.

Learning Groups combine the convenience of online courses with the engagement of social interaction in sessions facilitated by MinnaLearn. Peer learning is ideal for applying new information to solve novel problems.

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Katri Heinonen, Business Director at Lejos:

"MinnaLearn’s Learning Group sessions are engaging and effective, emphasizing hands-on learning through discussions, peer insights, and real-world challenges. Highly recommended for anyone seeking a transformative learning experience!"

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