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Work smarter by mastering The Essence of Agile

Discover the benefits of Agile together with a group of peers. Embark on a 4-week course and learn how to implement Agile in your day-to-day work.
Discover the benefits of Agile together with a group of peers. Embark on a 4-week course and learn how to implement Agile in your day-to-day work.
In this hybrid course you and a cohort of peers embark on a guided journey to discover the fundamentals of Agile.
Agile is becoming a necessity for all businesses rather than a nice-to-have accessory for IT folks.
For whom
This course is for knowledge workers who work in teams.

The benefits of Agile working

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An Agile organization, from the employee’s point of view, means both freedom and awareness. Each person knows exactly what is expected of them and why. On the other hand employees have the freedom to choose how to accomplish tasks in their preferred way. Well-being at work improves since expectations are clear and people get to manage their own process for reaching goals. In an Agile workplace employees truly feel a sense of importance.

Agile can be taught and that is exactly what we have been doing for the past 15 years. Now we have condensed the lessons of experienced agile coaches into one online course, that can help anyone begin their transformation towards more agile ways of working and better wellbeing at work.

Essence of Agile – Learning Group
  • 4 week guided learning experience
  • 8 hours of study material and exercises authored by industry experts
  • 3 x 2h facilitated group meetings
  • Share insights and work together on challenges with up to 10 peers
799 € / person (6-10 participants)

Excluding VAT 24%

Learn the Essence of Agile together in a Learning Group. In this 4 -week program you will be guided through the course, sharing insights and completing challenges together with other professionals.

What you will learn?

  • Simple ways of working that make you, your team, and your organization accomplish more and be faster
  • How to organize your work so that workloads remain sensible, clutter can be cut out, and it’s clear for everyone what’s done and why
  • Teamwork and leadership skills that support Agile ways of working
  • How to create a team and a workplace where everyone wants to work

What our participants say

  • This course gave me the excitement and courage to solve problems, get to work, and do things together.

  • I now better recognize Agile principles and thereby understand team operations more easily. I also believe that I can bring Agile ideas to my own work as well as that of my team.

  • I dare to make more mistakes than before.

  • I strive to move to customer / value-based thinking. Being aware of the principles of Agile will certainly also help you understand which ways of working in a team promote agility and which in turn are detrimental.

  • A thought-provoking and inspiring course.

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Turjo Tuohiniemi
Turjo Tuohiniemi is a Principal Team and Leadership Coach at Reaktor with over 10 years of experience in coaching top management and teams at all levels. He has worked in projects ranging from employing Agile methodologies to completely transforming organizations.

Jarkko Kailanto
Jarkko Kailanto is a Principal Coach and Trainer at Reaktor. He is a master of helping organizations, teams and individuals achieve positive change.

Lare Lekman
Lare Lekman has experience from over 100 organizations in the private and public sector. He trains and coaches teams, leaders, and experts on the Agile, Scrum, Lean, and Kanban techniques.

Learning Group Agenda

1st week
Self study: Pre-assignment and getting familiar with the topic
First meetup: Getting introduced and sharing initial insights
2nd week
Self-study: Diving deeper into the topic
3rd week
Mid meetup: Sharing thoughts, questions and receiving a special challenge
Self-study: Final topic lessons and completing challenge assignment
4th week
Final meetup: Presenting our assignments and graduation
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