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Our history

In 2018, our first course, Elements of AI, was launched with the goal of training at least 1% of the Finnish population in the basics of artificial intelligence. The course quickly gained popularity and has now reached nearly a million users across 160 countries. We have expanded our offerings in collaboration with universities and the EU. This is our offering for nations.

We had been operating as a part of Reaktor — a strategy, design, and technology partner for forward-thinking companies. But by spring 2022, we had grown from an aspiring concept to a viable company to stand on its own. MinnaLearn was officially founded. 

By that point, the immense need for continuous workplace learning had become evident to us. However, we also noticed businesses were struggling to keep learners engaged enough to complete the courses they set out for. We saw that combining online learning with interactive group exercises increased accountability and made learning more fun. Teams got to learn immediately applicable skills that matter the most to them and their company.

We aim to create workplaces with healthy, happy, and thriving employees. The MinnaLearn team is currently 10 people. We’re based in Helsinki, Finland.

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Ossi Lehto
New business, Companies
+358 45 633 5107
Ville Valtonen
New Business, Public sector
+358 50 323 7203