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What would it take to educate an entire nation – or the whole world – in something as complex as artificial intelligence? We founded our company on that bold question.

Taking Finnish education global

Our first course, Elements of AI, set out to train at least 1% of the general Finnish population on the basics of artificial intelligence.

Our goal was to break down institutional barriers to knowledge: The six-week, free introductory online course was built and designed for the 99%, not the privileged few.

Students of all genders, races, and ages, all across the nation, signed up in droves. Even the President of Finland took part in the course. Elements of AI quickly became a movement: We reached our milestone in enrollment in only a few months.

What became clear was the urgent societal need for later-in-life education. There was a gap in the market – not just for courses in AI, but for primers in everything to do with future work skills.

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Approachable and accessible

With close to one million registered students to date, and a wide array of on-demand courses on offer, MinnaLearn is now on track to train 1% of the entire global population on the future of work.

Based in Helsinki, Finland, we create singular learning experiences that merge world-leading Finnish pedagogy with the most cutting-edge and accessible technology and user design.

MinnaLearn democratizes learning and disseminates knowledge far and wide. By distilling complex subjects into approachable and accessible online courses, we help millions of people learn faster and more efficiently.

From AI to entrepreneurship to agile methods, our educational tools guide nations and citizens, and companies and employees, towards a more equitable, skilled, and enjoyable future of work.

MinnaLearn in numbers

Total enrollments
Close to one million people from over 160 countries have signed up for our courses, and we’ve consistently ranked among the top online courses in the world.
Share of women
We strive for gender equality. Around 40% of our students are women, a figure that is significantly higher than in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields on average.
Students over 45
More than 25% of our students are over the age of 45, a testament to our commitment to lifelong learning.

How we build our courses

Start with the user

Focus groups help us identify why our target users learn or don’t, and what their motivations are.

Engineer for effect

Agile ways of working ensure that we get working software in the hands of our users as quickly as possible. That allows us to see what’s working and what needs tweaking.

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Make it easy

Clarity and empowering language are key in communicating complex subjects to a lay audience. We keep it simple.

Shut out distractions

Our courses are designed to be intuitive and inviting. People could just as well be watching HBO or Netflix, or playing Fortnite or Roblox, so it’s important we make their time count.

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