Empower your team with our seven new courses on essential work skills!

by | 16.02.2023

The future of work is rapidly evolving, and it’s essential to have the right skills to keep up with the changes. We’re excited to announce our seven new courses focusing on the people skills critical for success in the years to come, including facilitation, feedback, and focus. 

Have you ever had trouble finding the time and motivation to study online courses alone? Or have you found it challenging to effectively communicate and share the learning with your team?

Our courses combine online self-study content and joint team learning groups, where you can reflect and build on the subject. This approach provides the perfect balance between individual learning and group collaboration, generating even more significant impact for the team as they can discuss topics relevant to their work and find solutions together.

The courses are developed in partnership with expert learning partners Tupu Creative, deidei, Silta Education, and Elisa Heikura aka Koodarikuiskaaja, and were carefully selected based on interviews with HR and L&D professionals to ensure they meet the needs of modern teams.

  1. How to Have Difficult Conversations: The ability to handle difficult conversations is a critical skill that will set you apart in the workplace. This course will teach you to navigate challenging conversations in a psychologically safe way. Managing your own emotions and preparing for others’ emotions is a critical skill in today’s work life.
  2. Feedback for Self-Organizing Teams: Feedback is a crucial component for teams, and this course will provide you with the skills to give and receive feedback effectively. You’ll learn how to provide feedback that builds trust and collaboration.
  3. Focus Training for Knowledge Workers: In a world filled with distractions, it’s essential to have the skills to maintain focus and increase productivity. In this course, you will learn neuroscience-based tools for deep-focus work and sustainable working methods.
  4. Facilitation as a Skill for Forward-Looking Teams: Effective facilitation is a critical soft skill for teams that want to work collaboratively and achieve their goals. Learn to engage your team: say no to monologues and hello to true teamwork.
  5. Inclusive Leadership: This course provides you with tools to understand the diverse realities of your team and employees and apply inclusive leadership principles to your existing leadership style
  6. Introduction to Inclusivity for Knowledge Workers: This course will provide an overview of inclusivity and why it’s essential for the future of work. You’ll learn how to create a diverse and equitable work environment and understand the importance of inclusivity in the workplace.
  7. How not to burn out in the tech industry Two in five tech workers are at high risk of burnout. Learn science-based tools for focused work, managing distractions, staying motivated, and developing a mindset that can benefit from stress.

People skills are becoming increasingly important in the future of work, and these courses will equip you with the competence you need to succeed. Whether you’re an individual looking to improve your skills or a manager, HR professional, or L&D specialist seeking to upskill your team, please get in touch with us to learn more and take the first step toward a more capable and effective workforce.

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