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Front-page illustrations

MinnaLearn in brief

MinnaLearn makes workplace learning for teams.
Our expert-created courses combine online self-study with collaborative meetings to solve real workplace challenges together.

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Featured courses

The Essence of Agile

This course is designed to help employees to understand what an organization can gain from an agile mindset and skill set, and guide them on their first steps towards agile work.

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How to have difficult conversations

How to discuss a difficult topic in a psychologically safe way? Managing your own emotions and preparing for others' emotions is an important skill in today’s worklife.

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Elements of AI for Business

This learning journey is built on our course Elements of AI, the world’s #1 online course on AI, with a million students worldwide. Create a common understanding of AI in your organization and identify AI-powered business opportunities.

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1. Enroll
Choose one of the MinnaLearn Future of Work courses to take with your team or gather a group of six to ten colleagues to learn with. We guide you to agree on the schedule, learning goals, and ways of working.
2. Apply learnings
Access the 6–12 hours of expert-created pre-study content from MinnaLearn online course platform over the following weeks. The group meets tree times in facilitated sessions, applying the new insights in interactive exercises to solve workplace challenges together.
3. See the results
Use the newly learned skills to contribute to your organization's success. Access learning outcome data to see your gains for the time and money — in a format easily shareable with the company decision-makers.

Become a facilitator of learning in your company

MinnaLearn groups are hosted by certified facilitators who don’t have to be content gurus. In fact, with our tools and training, anyone can become a facilitator!

The convenience of online courses or the engagement of social interaction? You don't have to pick just one.

A real alternative to traditional corporate training

Most workplace learning programs suffer from low employee engagement, poor tracking of impact, and an overall lack of practical application. The sunk costs of these initiatives can often be enormous.

At MinnaLearn, we want to change that. We recognize that the majority of standard corporate education is quite simply ill-fitting for the future of work. Not only are the materials outdated, but so are the methods.

The return to the office calls for an entirely new form of learning: a blended model, where self-study online is combined with in-person learning. At MinnaLearn, we deliver world-leading courses on the future of work in new and innovative ways, designed to keep your employees engaged and to drive real, measurable results.

A MinnaLearn-facilitated course for your team

Select a subject from our Future of Work courses

  • Expert-created online content
  • Three 2.5-hour group meetings facilitated by MinnaLearn
  • Group work with challenges for the team
  • Reporting on course progress and learning outcomes
€799 per participant

For 6–10 participants, excluding VAT.

Facilitate MinnaLearn courses yourself

Learn more about our Certified Facilitator program.

Starting from

€249 per participant

excluding VAT.

What our customers say

  • MinnaLearn’s Learning Group sessions are engaging and effective, emphasizing hands-on learning through discussions, peer insights, and real-world challenges. Highly recommended for anyone seeking a transformative learning experience!

    Katri Heinonen, Business Director at Lejos

  • Learning in a company group made it much more reflective and provided direct value to our working habits compared to knowledge training. The amount of content is almost on the lesser side, had expected much more reading.

    Course participant

  • The feedback challenge already gave me actionable feedback, and I have a plan for how to take it into use.

    Participant, Feedback for self-organizing teams

  • The most useful thing i learned was the importance of exploring and mistakes, curiosity towards the learning of colleagues who aren't in your team, appreciating live meetings and sharing, scanning and understanding our organisational structure and processes and brainstorming about agility within them

    Participant, The Essence of Agile

  • I learned so many things. But the biggest thing is the mindset change. There is an awakened understanding how many things are going into good facilitation.

    Participant, Facilitation as a skill for forward-looking teams

Frequently asked questions

How do I choose the right course for my team?
We offer a free service to identify your team’s or company’s learning needs and opportunities. Together, we assess skill gaps and goals, creating a tailored experience of one or several courses.
How much time do learners need to commit to a course?
Learning the skills required to pass a course takes 10–20 hours per person over 3–4 weeks. The time commitment includes reading the course materials, participating in group meetings, and solving tasks directly related to work.
How do you ensure the relevance and quality of the learning content?
We’ve identified the most in-demand topics based on customer research and partnered with leading experts to deliver the latest knowledge in the field. We’re proud to showcase our craft with titles like Elements of AI, voted in Class Central as the best computer science course of all time. All our content is tried and tested with real learners and improved based on continuous feedback from new learning groups.
What’s the Certified Facilitator’s role in your learning model?
MinnaLearn equips the facilitators with the skills to support participants in getting the most out of a course. A certified facilitator helps the group define their goals and guides the sessions toward reaching them. The group sessions are about peer learning instead of lectures, and the facilitators don't have to be experts in the topic. They get continuous feedback on their performance and support for improvement.
Can we use our existing learning materials or integrate third-party content into your platform?
No. MinnaLearn has a curated library of learning content tightly integrated with our method. We have chosen this to maximize learning outcomes. However, we can customize our courses to your needs by adding group exercises, discussions, and pre or post-study material.
How is our team members’ learning progress tracked and reported?
You can follow course progress, satisfaction, and applicability of skills in a real-time dashboard, shareable with your organization’s decision-makers. We also provide debriefing meetings with stakeholders to explore results and choose actions appropriate to the data.
What kind of support do we get for facilitating MinnaLearn courses ourselves?
MinnaLearn Continuous Learning includes a step-by-step implementation process for mapping your organization’s learning needs and creating the appropriate learning paths for your people. Each facilitator experiences our courses first as a participant and then proceeds to host groups with MinnaLearn’s guidance. They get access to ready-made session designs, a handbook covering best practices, and a community of like-minded facilitators.
Are the courses tailored to certain industries or job roles?
MinnaLearn courses are tailored especially for knowledge work. Each learning group defines goals appropriate to its participants, and the group activities are customized based on them.
Can we customize the courses to align with our organization's needs and objectives?
We can customize courses by adding group activities, discussions, and additional study material.
What are the technical requirements for using the learning platform?
Our online learning platform is accessible on any modern browser, desktop, or mobile.
How can we evaluate our learning initiatives' return on investment (ROI)?
Learning increases productivity, creativity, and quality in companies, making them more adaptable to change. It improves employee well-being, engagement, and retention, which leads to improved job performance and customer satisfaction. When taking our courses, the learners report how they’ve applied the new information in their work, which can be used to estimate their impact. It’s difficult to consider all the positive effects when calculating ROI, but all of us can understand that even a modest increase in employee productivity and retention will result in positive ROI.
Can we take just one course?
Yes! That’s often the first step in our customers' journeys. Although our solution is designed for continuous learning, we're happy to help. Contact our sales to discuss our solutions for your needs.
Can we get a trial?
We don’t offer free trials, but you can try our service by purchasing a pilot course. We’re confident you’ll be convinced of MinnaLearn’s potential to transform your company’s learning culture. Contact our sales to discuss the possibilities.

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Society is changing fast. We help nations proactively prepare their citizens for the future of work.

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