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The world’s most accessible online education — trusted by governments, business leaders, and close to one million working professionals.

We help you prepare for the future of work.

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Essence of Agile

This course is designed to help employees to understand what an organization can gain from an agile mindset and skill set, and guide them on their first steps towards agile work.

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Elements of AI

Learn what AI is, what can (and can’t) be done with AI, and how to start creating AI methods. The course combines theory with practical exercises.

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This course covers the fundamentals of cybersecurity with real-life examples and exercises aimed at building a simplified cybersecurity action plan for personal or professional use.

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Our teaching philosophy

We draw on top tech talent and world-leading educational knowhow – Finland’s two strengths – to create exceptional digital learning environments.

Our mission is to be relentless in challenging and reimagining what online education can become.

Created by leading experts with a mobile-first design that slides into people’s pockets
Ease of access
Built with the 99% in mind, lowering the barriers to knowledge for all
Lifelong learning
Fun and fulfilling, developed to upskill and uplift people from all walks of life

From theory to practice on a bus ride.  

From theory to practice on a bus ride.  

Our impact

  • The idea has a simple, Nordic ring to it: Start by teaching 1 percent of the country's population, or about 55,000 people, the basic concepts at the root of artificial technology, and gradually build on the number over the next few years.

    Politico, Finlands grand AI experiment

  • I am very impressed by the focus on AI in Finland and the training 1% of Finland's population in AI – I wish it's a template which other countries can use.

    Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google

  • Finland for instance has shown the path – training – the population to get basic knowledge on how AI works and can be used. Appropriation by the greatest number is a key priority. I suggest the EU commission set the same goal for the European population.

    Emmanuel Macron, President of France

  • I encourage everyone to take this #elementsofAI course.

    Sauli Niinistö, President of Finland

  • Elements of AI is just one of Finland’s many pilot projects. This is something the Finns are really good at: carefully designing long-running, society-wide experiments with broad grassroots participation that test ideas for making society run better.

    OECD Observer magazine

Our offerings

Educating nations

Society is changing fast. We help nations proactively prepare their citizens for the future of work.

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Upskilling companies

Re-educating the workforce is one of the most effective strategies for driving new business growth. We deliver companies both big and small tangible results in employee retention and productivity.

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